Tuesday, October 21, 2008

some more lamp love

so I sat down for a nice relaxing evening and grabbed my pottery barn catalog to flip through all of their overpriced stuff to see what I could copy for a lot cheaper when I came across their new lamps that they love so much they are on the first page of their lamp section, featured.

This is the Pottery Barn Hamilton table lamp

It bore a striking resemblance that I could not ignore to my pharmacy lamp that I had picked up from Target several months before.

my Target pharmacy lamp

personally, I'm actually a little more partial to the style of mine. The Pottery Barn Hamilton lamp currently retails at $139.00. I picked up mine for approximately $20! What a huge difference in price. The quality is spectacular and the design is beautiful. I totally win, Pottery Barn.

Now I am not finding my lamp on Target's website, but I do see it occasionally in store. So if you're hoping to snag one of your own, check out your nearest store. There is a similar one on Target's website at the moment but I don't like it as much and it's a little more expensive than mine.


Joi said...

Kaylene, I think you definitely won on this one. I love the bend in your lamp and just may check out Target to grab one of my own!

Julie said...

I like your lamp better, too. And the price is definitely easier on the wallet.

Anonymous said...

NICE!!! You know, it's funny too b/c I was JUST looknig for a table lamp!

Raych said...

I love that lamp!! I about peed when I found a "sort of knock off" at a garage sale for $5. I always feel great when I can stick it to PB by finding cheaper versions of there stuff. :)

fioretta said...

Add me to the list that likes your lamp better... in fact, I've been looking for something like that for our desk. Thanks so much for posting it!