Monday, November 3, 2008

Attention Ladies:

how would you like a great deal on two Victoria's Secret bras and a pair of undies?

I recently caught wind of a great deal from Victoria's Secret. I was able to purchase two bras and a pair of panties for $17.99 total, including shipping and tax. Now THAT, my friends, is a good deal. Want to know how?

1. First add two of VS cotton bras in the 2 for $40 section
2. Then add 1 cotton panty for $7.50
3. Check out. Make sure to check the box that you have promo codes
4. Enter and apply these two coupon codes:

*FA813789 for $10 off any bra
*25PTY for $25 off any two full priced bras and a free cotton panty

It works! I did it myself. The panty has to be either white, black, or pink for the code to work. If it doesn't work, try going back and changing the color of the panty.

Hope you ladies enjoy this little deal!


sarah said...

Dang, it didn't work on a black OR a white panty. It said the first code could not be used at the same time as the second...

Toni said...

Same here. I just used the one coupon code (for $25 off and free panty) - $20.99 including standard shipping. Still not bad!

Sweet Simplicity said...

Thanks for sharing the codes!!

Kim & Ryan said...

Darn, they must have caught on.... =(

mykidsmomx4 said...

Now they won't take the $25 off. It will give me the free panty but says I haven't bought enought bras to get the $25. :-( Oh well. Thanks anyway! Love your blog.

I bought 2 shirts and skirt from the clearance racks at JC Pennys this weekend. I spent under $8. (They were each 2.97 and buy ine get one 1/2 off). Regular price was $98!!!

Deal-finding is so much fin!

Kssnnikkel said...

This offer code requires you to add a specific item to your shopping bag. Please review the terms and conditions of your offer or call 1.800.970.1109 for assistance.

Thats what I was being told up there. So I called and she said you had to get them at regular price. :(

Kaylene said...

how weird! They must have caught on. That stinks that it didn't work for you guys. I know several people that were able to use it. You did add in the ones from the 2 for 40 area, right?

The Long Haul said...

Well dang, it won't let me do it either. I guess I waited too long. Boo.

Amber and Brian said...

won't let me do it either. I'm getting the same errors. Guess I waited too long to do it. :(

Alicia said...

Just got my bras. WOO HOO!
God love the nest!
I was able to do it with 2 2/40 bras.

hopeful #1 said...

darn it!

I missed this post!

Better luck next time, right?!?!