Wednesday, July 2, 2008

the hubs knows a deal when he sees it

When I started doing some idea boards for people, I found some pillows I used in one of them... and oh man I fell in love with that pillow and wanted it all for my very own. I've been coveting it for a while... and I may have casually shown it to the hubby at some point. Well the other day he purchased it as a surprise for me. It was on a great sale and could not be passed up.

I got the green one. The sucker was originally $24.99, on sale for $11.99. Of course, if it were me I would have searched long and hard for a free shipping code, but that's okay... it was still a great sale! Guess I'm rubbing off on him, huh?


Stephanie said...

Great deal!

I'm with you on the coupon codes! If I go to a checkout page and see that field for coupon code, I search until I find one. And if I don't find one I feel defeated!

etxwife said...

Yay! Super cute pillow!

ck715 said...

What a great guy! I know you used these in the wonderful idea board you made for me (ck715)and I love them too! We ended up buying a chocolate brown chair and ottoman/ I'm not sure it will go anymore. But I still think about them :)

Monica said...

I love these pillows! Can I ask where you got them?