Monday, February 9, 2009

pots and pans

ever since I got married in 2005, I desperately wanted some Calphalon cookware. We registered for it and a cheap set as well, just in case no one could afford the Calphalon set. We got the cheap set and did not receive the Calphalon. It was okay. We were really very poor and never expected anyone to get the expensive set for us anyway. We've faithfully used our craptastic pots and pans coming up on 4 years. I want to replace them, but I still don't have the money to just splurge on a full set. So I decided maybe piece by piece would be the best way. I asked for my first piece for Christmas and I got a 10" frying pan. That set the wheels in motion and made me want more even more than before. I found out that the one I got had been purchased at Marshalls at a deeply discounted price.

So this weekend I found myself at Marshalls digging through things. I found so many great things with good prices but talked myself out of every single thing because I didn't really NEED it. One thing I did not talk myself out of, however, was a Calphalon 12" frying pan. I found one in a special little cart that was even extra off their discounted prices. It had a few scratches on the bottom of it, but what did I care about that? It was perfect in every other way and looked like it would have no problem cooking my food.

I snatched up this frying pan you can find at Bed Bath and Beyond here for $94.99

Only I got my slightly scratched up version for $25. I think I can handle a few scratches on the outside bottom of the pan for that price ;)


cupcake chola said...

I absolutely LOVE your blog. I love a good deal too. It's like an addiction gets fed every time I score deal. Nice job.

Mary said...

I have that pot. It is the best thing ever!!!! Good bargain, and I am loving your blog!!!