Monday, February 9, 2009

sorry guys!

It's been so long that I'm not even sure that anyone even reads this anymore. We've had some major life switch-ups and I've been watching my fun spending more than usual. But we are moderately back on track and I wanted to share a few things with you guys!

first of all, I hope you all have been well and shopping the deals! Have you guys seen the Target home design event? They have some great little finds in there! Right now at our stores they are 50% off which makes all of their stuff MUCH more affordable. Between me and you, I think they had a pretty high mark-up to begin with so I wasn't even planning on snagging anything at 35% off. I waited until 50% and boy was it worth it. Between two separate Targets, I was pretty much able to get almost everything I wanted from the event.

I picked up the large version of this candle holder for $6 and some change

I also picked up an apothecary jar for my guest bathroom at $7 and some change

They had a smaller version I wanted as well but I did miss out on that.

my biggest purchase and best deal out of the whole thing though, was a shelf I picked out for my bathroom.

I picked this up for just under $50. I really wanted something like this for our bathroom and when I priced similar options, they were always more expensive and were not QUITE the look I was going for. There may be one left at 75% off later on, but I doubt it. I wasn't willing to risk it this time considering that I had to go to another Target to even get it at 50%.

so what do you think? did I do well? Did you score anything great at the event that you want to share? I saw some cute lamps that I just didn't have the need for, but did anyone else get them?


Lori (MrsB1021) said...

Great finds! I really like that candle holder.

Beth Ann said...

I went to five different Targets in my area this weekend looking for the apothocary jars for $7 and change. I couldn't find them! They had some that weren't part of the home event and weren't on sale. Now all I want is some apothocary jars and for cheap!

Kaylene said...

Yeah I only found that one single one at our local Target, and I didn't see any at the other. They must have gone fast. I think I just plain got lucky with that one. But you're right, there are some other apothecary jars in other sections of Target that are on sale. Keep an eye on those and snatch it when it gets to the price that you want.