Wednesday, March 19, 2008

Stainless steel trash can

simple human trashcans have been "in" for a while now. People love them. There are several great features of them, but the one that always appealed to me most was just how great they looked. I really wanted something that would look good and would be stainless steel to match my appliances in my kitchen since it had to sit out in the open because I didn't have any room in any cabinets in my kitchen.

The downside of these simple human trash cans is just how darn expensive they can be. This model:

retails for up to $179.99. Lets face it, not many of us are willing to shell that out for something designed to store your waste.

So wanting that look but not for that price, I set out looking for cheap alternatives. The answer came from my in-laws who said they saw some at Sam's Club. So Matt and I ran over to check it out the day we moved into our house and found a model we could live with. I think it fits in pretty nicely. Here's a picture of ours:

Now our trash can retailed for a little under $50. You tell me; is the difference worth paying so much extra? For me, it wasn't, and we love our trash can.


Chelsea and Brian said...

We have that same trash can from Sam's!! We LOVE it! :) And love the new blog!

Alyssa said...

Hey girly! It's Makena from TheNest :) You're a girl after my own heart...fabulous things, impressive prices! I look forward to tagging along :)

Anonymous said...

GREAT idea! Love the blog!!

craftymom said...

Thank you so much. I would never have thought to look at Sam's. They have some online but we are going to look at the store.