Tuesday, March 18, 2008

wine rack

alright, lets start with something I've gotten many questions and comments on.

This is my wall wine rack that stores bottles on top and glasses on the bottom

The most popular version of this item hails from Pottery Barn:

This pottery barn version retails $65.00 for each piece. My all in one piece is from Target, and it was about $10. This shelf, even at Target, usually costs more than that. However, whenever I am in Target I make sure to shop the end caps of the aisles. You can find all sorts of final clearance items there. That is where I found this shelf.

I found a similar option at Target online right now:

and this one retails currently for $44.99.

Next time you're in Target, make sure you shop the end caps of the aisle. They often wont have what you want/are looking for, but every so often you stumble upon an absolutely wonderful find.

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