Thursday, September 18, 2008

lighting the way to great deals

So.. in my last post you may have noticed I also upgraded those lamps in the bedroom big time. I was on the prowl for some lamps for quite a while. I checked out everywhere, I was surprised with how much lamps cost these days! You can tell I haven't bought any in a long time....

anyway, I finally found some that came as a set at linens 'n things which helped with the cost a lot. Plus they were pretty much exactly what I was looking for! I was sold. Two large great looking lamps for a combined price of $49.99. I was game for that.

Turns out the bargain hunter inside me had so much more in mind for me. I got to the store and searched for them and only found two out of the box, on display. Turns out there were none in stock in the boxes. The wheels in my head began to turn and I found a sales associate and began negotiations. First I had to convince her to sell me the floor models. After slight coaxing that was sealed. Then I pressed my luck further, pointed out a few inconspicuous spots that I knew I could easily clean up when I got home and asked about a price reduction for it being the floor model. Bingo. 25% off. I then pressed my luck further and asked about using a coupon on top of that. No go on that one. 2 for 3 sure isn't bad though! So I got two lamps for about $37.50, or $18.75 per lamp.

So there is your tip of the day, folks. It doesn't hurt to negotiate. The worst they can do is say no. Try to get some bargaining chips first like finding small flaws that you don't mind living with or that can be fixed. When you find things like that you actually have room to talk and wont come off as someone who is just too cheap to pay what they are asking.

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