Thursday, September 18, 2008

matching furniture is priceless

We knew we were taking a risk when we bought our bed from overstock by itself, without being in a set or knowing what we could match it to, but we couldn't resist the awesome price when there was a pottery barn version floating around for more than twice this one. (don't ask me how much we paid.. I don't even remember.. it was a good one though... and no, they no longer have it on there).

When I spotted some nightstands at Target I felt they had a very good chance of going with our bed. I'm usually way off on these hunches but I was hopeful. They were listed at $99.99 which isn't TOO bad as far as nightstands go. I still knew I could do better. I had missed out on a sale on them at one point so I waited it out, hoping it would come back around to the sale price. That day came and they were put on sale for $79.99 and I snagged two of them. So I saved $40 total on them. And YOU all know how I can stretch out $40, so that was a pretty big savings for me!

Anyway, check out my awesome reward for waiting it out:

Before, with crappy temporary nightstands:

and here we are after, with my new awesome nightstands:

as you can see, my worries were completely unfounded. It was a PERFECT match and they look like they belong together in a set. Now I just have to wait to pounce on some dressers ;)


Katie said...

looks MUCH better!

Have you checked out the canopy line for new dressers at walmart? Sometimes they are outta stock, and I don't know if the dark brown would match - but its worth a shot.

Kaylene said...

Thanks Katie! I actually already found the perfect pair of dressers and they are already on sale and free shipping... It's still a huge chunk though because with the way our room is set up we would have to buy two.

Stephanie said...

Those really look great! I love your bed too. Overstock is where I bought our bed. For the quality and the price you pay, you can't go wrong. It's always a gamble when you buy furniture online like that but it definitely saves you big bucks!

Saja said...

Are those the Hudson side tables from Target? I've been eyeing them myself! Love your bed.