Tuesday, September 16, 2008

I'm a bad blogger

I really am. I'm sorry blog, I will try to dedicate a little more time and attention to you. I'm sorry readers, for not giving you fun things to read. Between this and my personal blog, my personal blog has been getting a LOT more love. It's not that I haven't found deals.. I have! and I will try my best to remember them all for you.

But for now, this is a little clothing edition for you!

I walked into Old Navy last night because I was in the area so I figured I'd drop in and see what they had to offer me. I've been waiting for them to get in a certain sweater in a certain color and certain size but no luck, once again. I did however find some gems in the clearance section. Sometimes they throw everything together that is clearance and to be honest, it's a little too much to sort through, even for the best bargain hunter. But it was neatly organized that night into sizes. I ended up finding a lounge top for sleeping in for $3.99

and some cute black capri lounge pants to go with it (no picture, sorry) for $6.99

I also picked up this fun sporty jacket for those casual fall days for $9.99

I've also had luck lately with getting some really cute shoes online at Old Navy. I ordered several things from Gap and Old Navy recently where they had a promotion going for free shipping if you order from two or more of their stores (gap, old navy, banana republic, and piperlime). If you didn't know, all of their websites have been combined into basically one, so your one shopping cart holds items from all four stores. So anyway, some great shoes I have picked up lately have been these

and these

I also got some adorable satiny more formal looking flats but it seems they are out now.

All of these shoes mentioned and shown I bought for $5.99 each. Not bad. Not bad at all.

When did my order for free shipping, I also picked up this bag for $12.99

one of my best tips for finding great deals on great clothing is to go to these sites and find the clearance section. There are so many more cool things floating around online in these sections than there are in the stores. And a lot of times you can snag a free shipping code as well.

well that's it for this entry. Let me know how you liked the clothing edition or if I should just stick to home decor :)


Katie said...

Good deals girl!

love that little zip up jacket - I have a couple of those and wear them OUT! Might need to go back and pick another up if I could get it for 10 smackers.

superchixor said...

Clothing blog is good too! I live vicariously through your shopping so keep posting! Cute shoes btw!

ptg said...

What great deals!

What other blog do you have?! :o(