Friday, December 5, 2008

a few recent scores

I have a confession.

I have NOT been in the Christmas spirit yet. My hubby and I decorated a little bit a few days ago and I was just NOT into it. I don't know why, and I am sad about it. However, I discovered a little bit of Christmas cheer through some retail therapy. Yes, I know that's terrible and that Christmas is about MUCH more than just things, but it really lifted my spirits to be able to get a few little things to make my house closer to the Christmas look I wanted.

We went last night and Target had a large percentage of their Christmas stuff on sale. I was looking for a cute apothecary type jar to put some Hershey kisses in for my coffee table. I saw a small one in the home decor section for $19.99... yikes. So I wander over to the Christmas items and they have several beautiful items there. and low and behold, there is a beautiful apothecary jar that is MUCH larger than that other one sitting below the ornaments. It's a few bucks cheaper and larger so I figure what the heck. I'll get it. So that was one of the things I brought up with me and I was pleasantly surprised when it rang up on sale cheaper than the list price. I got that sucker for $16. I am pretty satisfied with that price. I know if I could have waited until after Christmas I probably could have gotten it cheaper IF I had been lucky enough to find it, but I really wanted it for this season.

They also have some really adorable photo frames for sale right now. Check out that section if you go too.

Next we headed to Marshalls who actually has some cute Christmas tree skirts. I scored a beautiful one for just under $20. I highly recommend going there if you're looking for Christmas decor because they had it in an ABUNDANCE! I could have stayed and looked around for a lot longer if I didn't have my yawning and hungry husband with me.

Last but not least, people, Pottery Barn is AFFORDABLE on something!!! sound the trumpets and take me home! In other words, it's shocking but good.

Some very lovely ladies tipped me off to a great deal on stockings. Right now you can score on these

The large ones are on sale for $10 each, and the small ones are on sale for $6 each. I heard something about free shipping as well but it looks like that may have disappeared today :( they have to spoil the fun, don't they? I even heard something about free personalization but I'm not sure how they got that or if it's still around. All things worth checking out though, wouldn't you say?


N. said...

Nice finds! Those stockings are so classic, I might have to get them...

The Munns said...

I like your blog! I'm not very good at bargain hunting, but I AM good at scoring tickets to swanky events for free - volunteer!

I spent 3 hours checking for wristbands for a fashion show and got into the event for free, plus a beauty products goodie bag. Tickets to the event were $150 and up.

I volunteered for one hour and got free tickets to our city's tour of historical homes decorated for the holidays.

I volunteerd at a wine festival for 6 hours and got a free cook & learn dinner with a Food Network chef (plus all you can drink wine!), two tickets to the wine fest ($150 each), and two tickets to a $75 brunch at an upscale restaurant!

Most all charity based events need volunteers and really do make it worth your time to help out. Just email whoever is listed as in charge of the event.

Whew...that was long! But I thought you might like to check it out!