Monday, December 8, 2008

outlet malls

I'm sure most of you guys know the joys of outlet malls. A great place to find a bargain and stock up a bit on a favorite that may be discontinuing. I headed out to our nearest outlet mall yesterday and picked up a few deals.

My first stop ALWAYS is the yankee candle outlet. You can always find a GREAT deal on big jar candles, many which are still selling for the big bucks in the regular store, votives, and if you're lucky, tarts. The tarts are a little hard to come by in your favorite latest greatest scents but if you dig a little you can still find a few things worth getting. But the best deal, in my opinion, is the tart burners. They discount great tart burners like crazy there. I picked up this one for a friend who loves beachy items

and a very pretty glass snowflake sort of one for me (can't find picture). They were 6 bucks a piece if you bought two.

I also love going to the bath and body works outlet. I can get great cheap wallflowers there and that's probably my favorite to pick up from there. I got one of those for a gift to give for about $5 (I believe they retail at about $12.50). I also picked up a large serving dish with a stand for about $16 for another gift.

You may be surprised at what you would find there, if you always thought it was for rejects and damaged goods.

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Kristen and Sean said...

It's hard to find good deals at my local outlet - we have a ton of big name stores (Ralph Lauren, Tommy Hilfiger, etc.) that seem to think you should pay just as much as their regular prices in stores. However, with some digging, I'm usually able to uncover some steals - I LOVE the home stores at our outlets and have furnished much of my house from those. Love reading about your thrifty finds!