Tuesday, December 2, 2008

storage joy

okay, I'm a bit of an organizational freak. I didn't used to be, and I'm not sure how I got this way, but it is what it is. I love having a place for everything, and everything in it's place. So when we got our Wii, of course we had a dozen or so accessories with no place to put them. I have been checking out this certain storage bin every single time we went to target.

I had snagged a small one when they clearanced those out for SUPER cheap to put dog toys in and have been loving that. This large one seemed to be there to stay though. Stubborn little fella NEVER gets clearanced out and never goes on sale. That is, until last weekend. Oh that special yellow "price cut" sticker was gloriously sticking out from under where they sat on the shelf. Of course I had to rush over and match every single number to the tag since I have been fooled by misplacements before (some target employees don't give a hoot and give me the price it was being falsely advertised for and some just shrug and say sorry). Anyway, it matched. It truly was on sale. I snatched it up for about $17. Not as cheap as I would have liked or if they had indeed been phasing it out of the store, but at this point I had been looking at it for SO long and this was the first sale I ever saw so I jumped. It fits so perfectly into our little piece of furniture in the living room that has these squares in it. It was made to be there. Now all of our fun little wii accessories have a convenient place to be stored all while being out of sight so I don't see the clutter. Happy camper? I'd say so.

But just you wait.. now that I bought it I bet they will be phasing it out of the store any day now. sigh. Oh well, that's the risk I took. I will have to force myself to just not look anymore so I don't torture myself.


Megs said...

You have 14 days for a price adjustment if it goes on clearance. :) Keep your receipt!

Kaylene said...

unfortunately, that isn't true. If it goes on clearance as in they are clearing it out of the store they refuse to credit back the price. Can you tell I've tried this before? haha